Sunday, March 3, 2013


Saturday was a first...first sick trip to the pediatrician for Griffin and first time to "split" the twins.

When I picked the babies up Friday afternoon, Griffin had a funky eye. Nothing crazy, just some green junk like allergies. When we woke up Saturday morning, it was a totally different story! His poor eye was swollen completely shut!

There wasn't much junk, it was just swollen and it wasn't going down. An hour or so after being up I figured we needed to go to the doctor. Robert had to work so I was already solo with 3 kids. We took baths and opened the door to load the car and it was snowing!! At that point, I called my mom. I'm good, but not that good! I didn't think I could handle all three kids and snow so I dropped Reese and Anderson off at my mom and dads. G. and I headed for a quick trip to Memphis to find out he had a viral eye infection. {not pink eye- it wasn't red or crusty just swollen on his eye lids?!!?}

It was so bizarre to only have one baby with me but it was kind of nice. I knew Anderson was getting plenty of attention and I was able to love on G. I love having all my babies but it did make me look forward to some one-on-one events with the boys.

He is much better today although it never really seemed to bother him yesterday either. Such a trooper!

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