Sunday, March 3, 2013


Saturday was a first...first sick trip to the pediatrician for Griffin and first time to "split" the twins.

When I picked the babies up Friday afternoon, Griffin had a funky eye. Nothing crazy, just some green junk like allergies. When we woke up Saturday morning, it was a totally different story! His poor eye was swollen completely shut!

There wasn't much junk, it was just swollen and it wasn't going down. An hour or so after being up I figured we needed to go to the doctor. Robert had to work so I was already solo with 3 kids. We took baths and opened the door to load the car and it was snowing!! At that point, I called my mom. I'm good, but not that good! I didn't think I could handle all three kids and snow so I dropped Reese and Anderson off at my mom and dads. G. and I headed for a quick trip to Memphis to find out he had a viral eye infection. {not pink eye- it wasn't red or crusty just swollen on his eye lids?!!?}

It was so bizarre to only have one baby with me but it was kind of nice. I knew Anderson was getting plenty of attention and I was able to love on G. I love having all my babies but it did make me look forward to some one-on-one events with the boys.

He is much better today although it never really seemed to bother him yesterday either. Such a trooper!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Age: 3 months and counting!

The 3 month mark is starting off with a bang! The babies are growing and developing more and more each day. We have had a slight roll reversal between Anderson and Griffin, Anderson seems to be chilling out a little but Griffin is kickin' it in high gear :)
Their favorite thing continues to be laying on the ground kicking. They do it continuously until they wear themselves out. My dad calls it "bike peddling"..I wonder how many miles they have already logged?!
The 3rd month has already brought a huge growth spurt! It took them forever to outgrow the newborn clothes but we are quickly filling out the 0-3m clothes. They went from 5 oz every3-4 hours to 7 oz in literally a week. I tried to hold them back to 6 thinking surely they could not already be ready for 7 oz but when we finally upped them again, they were {fat and} happy!
I'm guessing they are each around 12 1/2 to 13 pounds. G is a stout little baby - he just seems so square :) And Anderson is not far behind but is definitely more rolly-polly.
For the most part, they have put theirselves on a nice schedule. They are up for their first bottle around 5 a.m. {yikes!} eating every 4 hours and down for the night after their nine o'clock bottle. Can't beat that! The craziest thing that has come with month 3 is that they are loosing some hair...weird huh? I had always heard it happens with babies but Reese never lost any of hers. The boys now look like they have these weird comb-overs!
Other than that it's just a lot of bottle washin' and diaper changin' at our house.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Photo Dump

Wednesday - Arts & Crafts

All SMILES!! The boys are coming alive with personality! They are especially happy in the mornings, which for my family, is rare! We are not morning people!

Flowers from the BFFs

Reese was feeling a little cruddy Sunday but nothing a moltan lava cake couldn't cure!

 Super Bowl Sunday - the Brower starting line up had our own "power outage"
Reese was "gardening" - aka ripping up a dead poinsettia
Dad Duty